Brittany Marie Photography | The Photography Experience

I am a full-service photographer offering a unique, one-of-a-kind, photography experience, expertly tailored to each individual or family. From the moment we speak on the phone, to the delivery of your art, I will cater to your needs. My goal is to make this a memorable, enjoyable moment for you to remember forever. Here is what you can expect:

1. Consultation: First, we will meet in person to discuss your needs and to get to know each others personalities. We can meet for coffee or at my home. If you prefer, we can also meet at your home, so we can decide where to hang your art work that I will create for you.

2. Schedule Session: Next, we will pick the perfect date and time to capture your family. We will meticulously check the timing, weather, sunrise, sunset, etc., to ensure we get the best environment to perfectly represent our visions.

3. Editing: Take a break and relax! Your images are now in my hands. I will sort and edit the best images to reveal to you. I will retouch each image with love and care. Now that we have really gotten to know each other, I will make sure the art exemplifies you and your family.

4. Reveal & Order: Once your images are edited and ready for viewing, we will schedule your Reveal & Order session. This process typically takes 1-2 hours. I will guide you through your photos and your options to help you make the best choices for decorating your home and keeping your memories cherished forever. Most clients invest between $700 - $2,000, but how much you spend is your decision, which you won’t make until you see your gorgeous images.

5. Delivery: Finally, once you have decided on your favorite images and selected your canvases, wall art, mounted prints, albums, etc., I will place your order. Once it arrives I will contact you for delivery! We will pick the best time for you to receive your images.

6. Hang Your Art & Enjoy!